Cut tracks on audacity fill up my hard drive space

When I started using audacity I didn’t really know anything about sound editing, I just needed it for some basic recording, so I would just cut parts of tracks I didn’t need (that scissors button in the edit toolbar) and figured this was how it worked. Then my hard drive started filling up to the maximum (I had 50GB space left before, now there’s 5GB). I checked everything and know for a fact that every time I cut a track it somehow goes to the hard drive, but i don’t know how to clean it up or where to find those files.
I know I’m stupid someone help…

Which version of Audacity?
Are you really using Windows 7?

(Yeah windows 7) I already found the solution actually. I had to manually delete every trace of the Audacity program on my computer. Didn’t actually expect somebody to answer me :laughing:

Thanks anyway