Cut & Paste within a song

Hi all,
Very new here!
I would like to extend a song in order that I may play a longer guitar solo over the track.
I would like to cut a section out near the end of a song and then paste it back in before the end of the and so I may extend the song and play a longer guitar solo over it.
The song is Moonage Daydream by Bowie.
Thank you to anyone and all that may be able to help.

You can create 3 tracks which will become the 3 sections of the song. Use Track → New to create new-empty tracks. Then you can copy from the original into the new tracks. You’ll also need a track for your guitar part.

You might want to copy the whole track and then trim-out the parts you don’t want.

When you cut-out parts, it’s best to leave a little extra so you can fade-in and fade-out to make a crossfade. Depending on the nature of the music and what kind of result you want you can make a short crossfade of a few milliseconds that you can’t really hear or longer crossfade of one second or more. Either way a crossfade makes a smoother “splice”.

After you have trimmed the sections you can use the [u]Time Shift Tool[/u] to move them around.

To the left of the waveforms there are MUTE & SOLO buttons depending on which track(s) you want to listen to.

Note that when you mix-in the guitar track, the tracks are summed so you have to reduce the levels (about in half, or -6dB) to prevent clipping (distortion). You can reduce the volume of the whole guitar track but you might want to only reduce the main track while the guitar is playing. For that you can use the [u]Envelope tool[/u] to fade-down just as the guitar is coming-in.

You can also use compression and/or limiting to prevent clipping, but you can ask about that later. :wink:

Thank you so much for your awesome help!