cut/paste problem

I cut a section of a file, and now it will not paste into a new file. I think I have successfully done this before. I foolishly saved the cut version so I can’t undo the cut. Any way to recover the cut portion? The Paste command is highlighted so I think the cut portion of the file is there.

Windows 10, Audacity 3.0.2

I never noticed this before, but the Paste command always seems to be highlighted in Audacity.

I went into the WIndows clipboard and cleared the clipboard data. I then started Audacity and the Paste command was highlighted (that is not gray-ed out).

Perhaps this is a bug in Audacity? This behavior seems to be different than that of Notepad, for example. Perhaps someone else can offer a more encouraging reply…

I guess it could in a strict sense be classed as a bug, but it’s rather more complicated to handle this than it is for say NotePad. Whereas NotePad is only concerned with printable text on the OS’s clipboard, for Audacity pasting is possible from either the OS’s clipboard or Audacity’s clipboard. It also deals with multiple data types, including text, numbers, labels, audio data and note data.

With regard to Copy and Delete, the options are greyed out if there is no track selection, as that covers most cases where “Edit menu > Copy” and “Edit menu > Delete” can be used. However, Paste can be used in situations where there is no track selection, such as pasting text into a label.

I don’t know if it’s even possible to query all possible clipboards for all data types that could be pasted, in any situation, reliably, on all supported OS’s.
If we did decide to log it as a bug, I doubt that it would be fixed very soon, if ever.

If you closed the project that you cut from, then I think that audio has probably gone forever. :frowning:

Ok guys, thanks for the responses.