Cut Editing from Cassette Tapes to mp3

I am sorry if this has been addressed countless times or if my subject title is extremely vague. I have windows 10 and just downloaded the latest Audacity driver and am having so much fun transferring cassette tapes to computer files with my SUPER USB CASSETTE CAPTURE device, but since I am transferring cassette taped interviews I need to know if there is a way to cut sections, or expletives, or my whiny voice as needed from the transfer but still keep it on the same file. Right now using the counter I know how to edit out the beginning as needed and the ending as needed, but I want to edit out sections in the middle but keep it all together on the same file, can this be done? What do I need to read? Thanks in advance

I need to know if there is a way to cut sections, or expletives

Highlight the section you want to delete. Then Edit → Delete, or simply hit the Del key on your keyboard. Generate → Silence will mute the selection without removing it, or Generate → Tone will “bleep it out”.

For smoother cuts & splices, use [u]Find Zero Crossings[/u], or you can cut the program into separate clips and re-join with a short [u]Crossfade[/u].

Sometimes when I’ve censored movies I’ve reversed the expletives to make them unintelligible but that may not be appropriate for your interviews.

THANKS DOUG, but that is so over my head at this point, which page/screen do I need to be on to highlight the desired section(s) to be deleted? can you tell me which link to study or give me a step by step which links to follow? Once I learn how to do this, I will be so on top of the world!

Select the section by using the cursor, left-click mouse-button, and drag.
The press “Ctrl”+“X” to delete that selected section …
delete section demo.gif
[ If you want to replace the selected section with silence press “Ctrl”+“L” ]

There may be a click where you made the edit. If there is you can remove it using repair.

That’s great, got it. So, I deleted the tail, placed the cursor at the end (don’t need a fade, just a pause then the lecture continues), and began to add the new recording to the end. I noticed it created a new stereo track below the original track, beginning at the tail. Is this correct? I assume when I export it to wave format it will all be as one?