Cut audio from multiple points and merge?

I’m new user to audacity. it may be very basic question to ask but i hope u people help me.
What i’m looking in audacity is that, i have an audio. i have to trim/cut it from various places lets say it’s of time 5:00 minutes. i want to trim 3 parts from part A: 1:00 - 1:50 , part b: 2:00 - 2:50, Part C: 3:00 to 4:00

and then i need to merge Part A, B and C. how can i do in easy way remaining in the same window without cutting and saving all parts separately and then merging them ?

If I understand your question correctly, all you need to do is to delete the parts that you want to remove, then Export your finished masterpiece.

O yes, that’s a way.
can u plz tell me how to select and delete ? as when i select with the button [ and ], after that i couldn’t find optionto delete it. any shortcut to del or option? plz tell ?

The easiest way to select audio is to “click and drag” (left mouse button) over the waveform.
Other ways are described here:

Note that editing (and most other operations) are only available when playback is stopped (not just “paused”).

Simplest way to delete is the Delete key.
There is also “Cut” and “Delete” in the Edit menu.

I got the 'I" button but what is this ‘arrow line’ for ?

Also plz tell me how to select from multiple points ? When i select an area with the help of “I” , when i want to select another area, previous selected portion is cleared.

That is the “play region” (the bit that is going to be played).

You can’t. It’s like when you are editing a text document in a word processor - you can select any bit that you like, but only one bit at a time.
Unlike a word processor, you can extend the selection across multiple tracks (if your project has more than one track).
Read all about selecting audio here:

ok i’m getting it. can u plz tell me how to play the just selected area ? as i’ve selected preciesly the area which i want to del . before del i want to make sure the area is right selected. how to pay only highlighted part ?

if you make a selection while playback is stopped (not just “paused” but fully “stopped”) then the “play region” will match the selection, so all you need to do to play it is to press “space” (spacebar).

wow thats great.

when exporting file ? which format is best to not loose the audio quality where size doesn’t matter? is it mp3 or any better settings are required ?

MP3 is a “lossy” format, so there is always some loss of sound quality when encoding to MP3.

The default WAV format is a “lossless” format, so the exported file is virtually identical to the audio in Audacity.

For “absolutely perfect”, “32 bit float WAV” is best, but the file size is double that of a “normal” (16 bit) WAV and few other programs support 32 bit WAV. Also, 16 bit WAV is generally so close to “perfect” that it is not worth the trouble (or disk space) to use 32 bit. However, if you really need “perfection”, then set the format to “other uncompressed files”, then click on the “Options” button to select “WAV (Microsoft)” as the header and “32 bit float” as the Encoding.
(see also: