Cut and paste audio selection

I am newby and possibly never intend to use deeply audacity.
I am not used to read audacity type tutorials.

I am learning dancing salsa. I need to grab a portion of my recordings during classes to identificate the title of the song.

Then put that portion in the cloud to know about it.

What I need is very simple but i don’t know how to do.

Perhaps you can help me with a dummy mini tutorial for this need.

Best Regards

You may need to zoom-in so that you can find and select the part of the song you want to copy (View → Zoom In).

You can select the part of the song you want to copy by left-clicking and dragging the mouse.

Click Edit → Copy. That will copy the selected part into Audacity’s clipboard.

Click File → New to open a new Audaciy window.

In the new window, click File → Paste. That will paste your selection into the new window/project.

Click File → Export to save your selection to a WAV or MP3 file. (You have to install the optional LAME encoder if you want MP3.)

Understood DVDdoug . wonderful. Any trouble I will comment, but is perfectly explained.

Best Regards