Customising Effects Menu

Hi there,

Is it possible to create sub-menus in the Effects Menu? In this video by Kevin Loughin, he has two sub-menus called Plug-ins 1-15 and Plug-ins 16-18. I commented on his video asking him how he did this and he said it was a Linux thing. Is it possible to do this in Windows or Mac too? It would be great to reduce the Effects Menu list a little. The only option I’ve found so far is to disable the effects I don’t use. Is there another way?

Best wishes


There are various grouping options in Preferences > Effects.

Also, you may be delighted to learn that for the upcoming 3.2 version will have some grouping by default:

There’s an option in Preferences:

“Edit menu > Preferences > Effects”

Set the “Maximum effects per group” greater than zero. On Linux this is set to 15 by default.

Note that the effect grouping will be changed in the next version of Audacity, and on first run Audacity will enable every effect that it finds that it thinks are compatible (some may not actually be compatible with Audacity).

Thank you both for your explanations. That’s great. I look forward to seeing what 3.2 brings too.