Custom Keyboard Shortcut Not Saving

I thought I’d report that after upgrading my Windows XP partition to Windows 8 and installing Audacity 2.02, I seem to have the same problem as I did in Linux. See this post:

Is the problem either of these bugs?

I believe it’s the same as 594. In other words (and per my post in Linux), customer key entries don’t stick.

As I’m not a C++ programmer I can’t do anything about the bug but hopefully it will be fixed soon.
Does the workaround that you used on Linux work?

Yep, the workaround in Linux worked fine. Going to do the same thing in Windows.

Bug 594 is already marked as platform independent (not just one operating system) and it is marked “P2” (the second highest priority) so it has to be fixed before the next Audacity release.

That was only true when we had the previous Beta / “stable” distinction. P2 is now up to the Release Manager to decide whether to fix it or not at release time.

All releases are now “pseudo-stable” where a new release cannot be significantly worse than 2.0.0.

So any bug that would have been P2 when we had the Beta / “stable” distinction would most likely be a P1 now. And since several P2’s were demoted to get 2.0.0 out, they possibly ought to be (at least) P2 now.

See .