Custom Dark Theme

In Ubuntu, the ImageCashe.png file is placed in the Theme subfolder to be created in the .audacity-data folder located in the home directory (hidden files should be visible - Ctrl+H). In the Audacity Preferences section of the Interface tab, the “Custom” option must be selected in the Theme box. You can experiment how it looks better by activating and deactivating the “Blend system and Audacity theme” option. Have fun! :slight_smile:

Alexander Spasov and Ivo Andreev

Audacity 2.png

Thanks for your contribution.

See here for how to attach image files:

I’ve downloaded the images from Google Drive and inserted them into your post.

I can see there’s logical consistency to having the loud areas on the spectrogram black,
but it will take some getting used to …

black is loud on Debuntu spectrogram.png

I would be glad if you can use this theme to adjust the color chart to best suit your needs.

Gold plated version with vintage microphone. :wink:
Gold Audacity.png

Nice :sunglasses:


I tried the gold version, but (on Windows 8) I still have some eyesore white-rectangles …

white rectangles marked with a red dot.png

Congrats on the good job! Keep up the good work.
This looks really nice.


Thanks to mischamajskij for the good work and I added elements from my topic and got the following compilation. :slight_smile:

Can anyone give me ImageCache.png file of default dark theme of windows??

Please avoid double posting. I replied here: