crosstalk between hard panned tracks

Windows 7 - v2.1.0. Zip instllation

Hi everyone,

I’m building (and have been sent) some click tracks for the band and the issue I face is this: the right channel (click) is bleeding into the left channel (keys) and vice versa.
If I mute the right channel, the left is fine (hear keys only). If I mute the left the click is fine. BUT if I unmute and I just have the left earphone in and both tracks playing, although I should only hear keys but there is a faint click track.

I have the playback device selected as headphone, and have tried designation the tracks as left and right as well as panning with the slider. And this happens on WAV tracks I have received and opened in Audacity, as well as if I add a new track>generate>click track - same reult. It’s really frustrating as I need it to be hard panned left and right

Thanks so much for your help!

My guess is that the bleed-through is happening in the headphone cable. Do you have any way to test that? (perhaps make a CD with a click track in one channel and music in the other).

If fresh headphones don’t cure the crosstalk, see if the computer sound-card is applying a stereo-reverb effect, ( a faux “surround-sound” thing), that adds crossover.[b]3d-audio-effects-on-i-want-them-off[/b]-291098/