Crossfading tracks

I am crossfading tracks using the “Align End to End”, but it is absolutely hairy trying to align the tracks perfectly using the mouse - it is either too much or too little overlap. I need something that can fine tune the end-to-end alignment of the two tracks, as in the case of the VCR’s which used to have a large wheel to do the job. I can’t even use the Left/Right arrow in Audacity. Is there a way I can accomplish this task because the mouse gives me lousy precision? Better yet, is there a feature where it automatically crossfades to a specified, predetermined interval?

Yes; View > Extra Menus ON
Select Clip
Extra > Scriptables I > Set Clip: select Start, set Start value, e.g. “5.001”

Thanks for your valuable help.

Okay. I have done that. What are the remaining steps? Does this allow the keyboard to be used? If so how?

Bill, I’m not sure where I lost you.

OK, let say you have two tracks, 20 and 15 seconds long, respectively. You do Align End-To-End and you now have exactly 35 seconds of audio. Now you want, say, a 4.5 second overlap. We know exactly where the first track ends by selecting it and looking in the selection toolbar at the bottom of the screen, which in this case is 20. So we manually compute 20-4.5 = 15.5. Select the second track then Extras > Scriptables I > Set Clip > Start: 55. Make sure that the Start box is checked and the others are not and click OK. Now just swipe the audio with the cursor.

Now Edit > Fading > Crossfade Tracks:


LOL…I am not as clueless as it sounds as I am computer literate. This gives me a little more to work with. However, I am unsure as to where you got the 55. .

Also, I do not see Fade under Edit.


That is a typo. Unfortunately, I am not a great proofreader. SB 15.5. Also, “Effect”, not “Edit”. :grinning:

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