Crossfade between clips

As I use crossfade between clips, the right clip has its position changed. How to keep original clips in place?

I’ve never uses the built-in crossfade effects but you can make a manual crossfade and the tracks shouldn’t move.

See here for how to use the “Crossfade Clips” tool effectively: Crossfade Clips - Audacity Manual

Perhaps you want “Crossfade Tracks” instead: Crossfade Tracks - Audacity Manual

Yeah, I guess I’ll have to resort to that. Tks

When using crossfade between clips in video editing, it’s common for the position of the clips to change as the transition is applied. This happens because the clips are being overlapped to create the crossfade effect, causing the position of the clips to adjust to accommodate the overlap.

When recording audiobooks or something similar that doesn’t seem to be a problem. In my case, because it’s music (and all parts have to be in synchrony), the audio changing the position is a disaster.