Windows 7 Pro, Audacity 2.4.0
Trying to install Crisalys synth using ANALYZE / ADD-REMOVE PLUG-INS. Switch from NEW to ENABLE.
When i return (either before or after restarting Audacity), Crisalys is once more marked as “NEW” and does not appear in the list of EFFECTS. Anyone know about this plug-in?

Audacity does not support VST instruments.

Assuming that you are referring to “Crisalys VST pattern sequencer synthesizer”, that’s a VST instrument.

Please also note that Windows 7 has now passed it’s “end of life” and is no longer supported by Microsoft.
Audacity may continue to work on Windows 7, but we don’t officially support operating systems after their “end of life”.

Thanks for your response.
How do Audacity users add synth sounds to recordings?
Other than Audacity, the only audio software packages i use are Finale and Band in a Box.
I once used Cakewalk sequencer, but gave it up when it became unwieldy.