Creating Subliminals in Audacity 2023

I want to make my own subliminal with sounds like piano or rain; water even using Audacity. I have the 3.2 version and this is my first time EVER doing any of this. I know many people use Audacity for this but all of their info online is outdated. The videos or information that I’m seeing says we have to download a file called subliminal-rft.ny (something like that). Do I NEED that? Apparently it was thrown around for free but every link you click now is broken. Can you help me to understand what that is and why I need it? How can I get the download? Thank you in advance.

There are several techniques but simplest (1) way is to simply mask (drown-out) the subliminal with a louder sound. (Quiet piano may not work if there are silent or near-silent parts.) This technique also “reversable”… You can subtract-out the louder masking sound and re-amplify to expose the hidden message.

  • Open the subliminal file, select the whole thing and then use the Amplify effect at -20dB or -30dB (or more) to reduce the volume. (If that turns-out not to be quiet enough go back and start-over a bigger negative number.)

  • Use File → Import to import the music file or other masking sound into the same project.

If you Play in audacity with both files open they will mix and that will give you an idea of what you’re going to get.

  • File → Export → Export as WAV and the new file will be the mix. That’s it. You’re done! You can try MP3 but note that MP3 works by throwing-away sounds you can’t hear and you might lose the subliminals (not that it matters since you can’t hear them anyway :stuck_out_tongue: ).

(1) There is actually a simpler way… Just turn it down to where it’s too quiet to hear!

Thank you so much for this reply. I will try this after work! You are a rockstar! This all sounds simple. I hopefully won’t have to reply with another question :sweat_smile:

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