creating .mp4 movie from .mov

I’m creating several online courses in this way: 1) make 2011 PowerPoint slides on iMac using El Capitan (OS 10.11.5); 2) using Audacity 2.1.2 to make voiceover narration; 3) export audio as .wav (16 bit) into PPT (automatic setting; hide icon on slide); 4) inside PPT, “Save as Movie” that becomes .mov

Cannot convert this .mov into .mp4 movie for the Atheneo platform at Knowledge Elements that hosts the online course.

Should I purchase a “Converter”? Which one? Other suggestiions?

Atheneo platform at Knowledge Elements

What do they think? You stepped right out of our area of expertise.

It used to be possible to buy QuickTime 7 as a separate download. It installed and ran as a Utility rather than a service so it didn’t collide with QuickTime X.

QuickTime 7 would do format conversions and exports. We all expected Apple to take it out and shoot it, but they didn’t!!