Creating/Converting SFX to sound like Flash game SFX?

So I have an idea to create sound effect files that sound like they came from a 2001 Flash game. As such, they would sound lo-fi and/or compressed for websites. The style that I’d like to emulate for this would be the Mata Nui Online Game by Templar Studios.

Is there a plug-in or set thereof that would help me create (or convert existing) sound effects into faux-Flash-quality? Or is there a simpler way to do it?

OS: Windows 10
Software: Audacity 2.3.1

Can downsample & lower bit-depth to make existing sound like retro computer game.
e.g. with free plugins like DBlueCrush or MDA Degrade

What sort of “retro” game are you referring to, exactly?

The degradation is variable: adjust to taste …

I checked the second video, which brought me to and its VST plugins. Problem is, they keep crashing/closing Audacity when I use them. Specifically the Degrader.

There are several built-in [u]Distortion Effects[/u] so you may not need 3rd-party plug-ins. (Some of the built-in distortion effects don’t sound like distortion but there’s lots to play with and lots of ways to degrade the sound.)

You could also try exporting-as 8-bit WAV and/or reducing the sample rate (“Project Rate” in the lower-left of the Audacity Window). 8-bits and 8kHz is “telephone quality”.

When you lower the bit depth you get (more) quantization noise. Quantization noise is different from “normal noise” because it goes-away with silence, but it “rides on top of” the audio. Like regular noise it’s most noticeable with quiet sounds (just not with no-sound).

When you lower the sample rate you are limiting the high frequencies (just like a low-pass filter). The Nyquist limit is half the sample rate so with an 8kHz sample rate you loose all audio above 4kHz.

You can go-down below 8-bits by reducing the volume. Each bit is 6dB. So for example, use the Amplify effect to reduce the volume by -12dB (or set your “new peak level” to -12dB) and export to 8-bit WAV. You’ll only have 6-bits of real audio data audio. Then you can re-open and re-amplify if it’s not loud enough.

Or, you can try exporting as low-bitrate (low quality) MP3.

I get that too: disabling VST plugins whilst they are playing often causes Audacity to crash.
OCENaudio (which is Audacity-like) is more stable when it comes to VST plugins.

Check out these links:

It’s less about 8-bit foley and more about 2000/2001-levels of audio quality. I think listening to the gameplay from the Mata Nui Online Game will give you a better idea of what I’m aiming to create.

That link goes to a play list, so I’ve no idea which sounds you are referring to. Better if you just attach a couple of short MP3s to your post that typify the kind of sounds that you are after. (See:

Examples from the first video:

  • The ocean background
  • The cutscenes @ 1:50 and 8:00 (e.g. music and “ethereal” sounds from the first; impact, roar and other sound effects from the second)

Examples from the third video:

  • The chamber entrance opening @ ~6:05
  • Sound effects from the mini game @ 6:44 (e.g. the projectiles being kicked around and hitting their targets, the enemy smashing said projectiles)
  • The cutscene @ 8:15 (e.g. the music, the robotic movements, the unearthly hissing from the scorpion creature, the sound that the bronze/brown figure makes when he appears/disappears, and the collapse of the chamber entrance)


More to follow in this post.