Creating and Selecting Labels

Audacity 2.1.0
Windows 7 X64

In trying to create a label to add at a selection point, or add a label at a playback position, the shortcut CTRL + B nor CTRL + M create a Label.

I have used this in times past.


The two commands are similar in that they both create labels:

CTRL + M: Creates a new, empty label at the current playback or recording position.
Use this while playing or recording (or paused). This always creates a “point label”.

CTRL + B: Creates a new, empty label at the cursor or at the selection region.
Use this to label a selection or the “cursor” position. Generally you would use this while playback is stopped. If there is a region selected, it creates a “region label”, otherwise it creates a point label.

Tip: There’s a full list of shortcuts in the manual:

Thanks for your response.

I’ve been using labels for almost two years. But today…I can’t create. Your thoughts why?

Perhaps the Ctrl key on your keyboard is sticking?

I see you don’t have a workable solution. I trust someone else has had this problem and can offer a solution.
Thanks for trying.

What happens if you do this:

  1. Start Audacity, or if already running, exit Audacity and restart.

  2. Generate > Tone
    Waveform: Sine
    Frequency: 440
    Amplitude: 0.8
    Duration: 30 s

  3. Ctrl+B

My Tone Settings were set as you suggested.

I downloaded V 2.1.0 on 11/30/16.

Yesterday, 12/12/30 was the first time I attempted to Create a Label on V2.1.0. The FIRST label was generated. The second and all other attempts were not.

I believe in my chain, I may have a conflict with USB ports. I.E. a 3.0 USB hardware in a 2.O port or vice versa.

Today, I will uninstall V2.1.0 and reinstall V2.0.5 as all was working well with V2.0.5.

I’ll keep you in the loop. Thanks for your direction.


This is our site: 2.1.2 is the current and recommended version.

Did you label the tone successfully? No-one else has this problem, as far as I know. But in 2.1.2, you won’t be able to label a selection while dragging it with the mouse.


Version 2.1.2 has solved my problem.

Thank you all very much.