Creating an outdoor PA system sound

Windows 10
Audacity 2.3.2

I want to simulate the sound of a PA system set up in an outdoor setting, where you get some echo from nearby buildings, but faint, also with the reverb that goes with it.

Has anyone attempted this, and if so, how did you do it?

There is a PublicAddress plugin for Audacity.

There are free room-simulation VST plug-ins which work in Audacity on Windows, e.g. …

:smiley: Funny… Outdoors you usually don’t have reverb or “acoustic problems”. It’s not unusual to add reverb for outdoor musical performances. But you’re right. You can get reflections off of buildings.

There are built-in Echo, Delay, and reverb effects. Normally, echo is called “delay”. If you look for 3rd-party plug-ins look for “delay”.

These effects will “build-up” the sound so it’s a good idea to run Amplify or Normalize before exporting to bring-down the levels if necessary to prevent clipping (distortion).

It’s good to know where you are, too. Are you right next to the podium or across the audience? The movie people use very different PA effects to sell different kinds of shots.

Scene starts with the back of the performer’s head looking out over the audience.

Cut to:

Hero One and Two huddling in the bus with the performer in the background.


This plug-in: Public Address 'Tannoy' effect
(as suggested by Trebor)