Creating an old console effect


I would like to reproduce the effect we can hear on this webpage : (just click on Play on any voiceline to hear it). It’s like the sound has been produced from an old console, but I can’t find anything on the web to do so.

Could you help me ?

Thanks !

Old game console, not old radio console.

You could try multiple passes through Effect > Leveler to get the distortion up and then once through Effect > Vocoder.


That speak-n-spell voice , is via something called an LPC codec , also the sound quality has been degraded to 8-bit …

I don’t know how to do a LPC codec using Audacity , but the free software called SoX will do LPC10 , ( early 1980s ).

[ LPC14 is better quality , and may be a better match to your “Chronos64” target ]

Thanks for your replies, the effect is perfectly what I wanted ! However, I couldn’t find how to use SoX to create the LPC-10 effect ; I did manage to convert my WAV to LPC10 but what’s next ? Is it the right way to do it ?

Once you’ve converted from WAV to LPC10 , then you need to degrade the audio to 8-bit depth for that authentic 1980’s sound. I used the free “degrade” plugin here … . Such plugins, (which reduce bit-depth), are called “bit-crushers”.

[ btw can you tell us how you converted from WAV to LPC10 codec ?, if you didn’t use SoX ].

I did convert it using SoX, but it did nothing but giving me a .lpc10 file, and I wasn’t able to open it in Audacity to degrade it and convert it into a wav again.

Audacity can’t play LPC10 format , you have to convert the LPC10 file into a WAV file version using SoX.
Audacity will be able to play the WAV version of the LPC10 file.
[ a WAV version of the LPC10 will retain the speak-n-spell quality ].

Your target sound, “Chronos 64”, is slightly better quality than LPC10 , maybe LPC14,
but I don’t know where you can get a LPC14 codec.

For the sake of intelligibility you could simulate LPC14 by mixing the original-recording with the LPC10 version, in-sync, (25:75 ratio ? ), then degrading that mixture to 8-Bit depth …

I succeeded, thanks :slight_smile: