Creating an Audio CD after Audacity is done

I do not know if this is the correct place where to ask but hope to be in the right place with the right people.
I have to create an audio CD (CD-R 80min). So far I worked with Audacity to make it and it is done. I then exported it as WAV 16 PCM.
I am using Roxio Creator NXT 4 but do not know how to make so that when I play the CD into a PC or similar the Audio software player (i.e.: Windows medial player, PowerDVD …) will show a cover image, title and so on.
So far it shows no cover image, Trace 1, Unknown Artist, Unknown Album (30/06/2016 17:37:21).
Rather, if I play a commercial Audio CD I can see all properties and a cover image.

Can anyone please advise me what I should to accomplish my goal?

Thank you

We may be able to help by accident.

Standard Audio CD disks do not have headings, titles or graphics. Those are special purpose multi-media disks. Someone here may accidentally know how to make those, but Audacity doesn’t burn anything.


When you ask Roxio to make a “Audio CD” that is exactly what it does to the original audio CD standards which as Koz says has no graphics or other information.

It is possible to make a “hybrid CD” which is still compatible with dedicated CD players, but also includes a computer file system that can contain MP3, graphics, or whatever you want. I’m afraid I don’t remember the spells to do this as it has been a number of years, but I’m sure a bit of Googling will turn up a “how to”.

any external cd burner plugged into your laptop will will burn your audacity WAV files to CD.if you want album covers,dates etc embedded into your CD, then im affraid its Mp3 im affraid,however you can download covers etc from the internet & print (edit)them yourself in paintnet. there is software somewhere that can add it to your CD file.mickthefish.