Creating an APP using certain features.

I am thinking of creating an APP but with the use of just a few of Audacity’s features. Such as Vocal Reduction, Pitch changing and maybe 1 or 2 other effects.

Is the source code organized in such a manner to pull out these different modules or funtions? Of so, is there documentation as to what input the various features are looking for. I would guess that each of these is a Procedural call with specific parameters passed in and out.

Thanks for any insight.

I don’t know that those are isolated modules like that. If they were, then designing Chains (batch) would not be as big a deal as it is. We’ll wait for the heavier systems people.

All built-in effects are in /src/effects/
However, if you are wanting to create an App for portable devices, then the Audacity code will probably not help you very much because it uses and relies heavily on WxWidgets, which does not support portable devices.

“Vocal Remover” is a Nyquist plug-in and can be found in /plug-ins/
The Nyquist effects may be useful as far as demonstrating the algorithms that are used for various effects.
“Nyquist” is a programming language for audio and is based on XLISP. It has not been ported to work on portable devices.

Thanks for the info. I will out Nyquist to see what it is about.