Creating an album of tracks

I’ve recovered an old recording consisting of 12 tracks and cleaned it up in Audacity. I’ve separated the tracks & titled each track, but I’ve maintained the relative timing between the tracks rather than restarting each track on the left (time = 0).

I’d like to export this such that it appears in iTunes (or Music) as an album with separate tracks. How can I do this? I’ve tried exporting this as an MP3, but it came out as one track with all the tracks butted together.


You’ll need to make separate files. The metadata (tags) let your audio player software know the track number, title, artist and that they are all from the same album

I did break up the album into individual tracks & manually labeled them. The tracks look like a cascade in the display, running down from left to right. I guessed I had to do this.

More research in the meantime led me to the “Export Multiple” command (name may be wrong here). It produced 17 track files that, when I imported them into Apple Music, created the album I wanted. It nicely ignored the time offsets from the beginning of the first track, and I thank the person who designed that command for this!

New problem: I want to give this album to some family members that use Windows exclusively. I’d appreciate some suggestions as to how to process the album tracks for them, as I don’t think Windows 10 has any music support like iTunes/Music any more.

I’ve answered my own question. Leaving the files in “.AIFF” format works on Windows Media Player (at least in Windows 7).

Thanks for your help. I wish I had more opportunities to use Audacity, but the next one will probably be some time in the future.