Creating a Macro Script for Studio Fade Out

I am trying to create a macro to edit audio file. So, I know how to fade in from the beginning of the music file. I was able to move the cursor to the end using the project end command, but I don’t know how to select the song at the end, so I can do a studio fade out. Also, does anyone know where I can find the definitions of the commands?


The “Fade Ends” macro shows how to do that.

The reference documentation is here: Scripting Reference - Audacity Manual
It doesn’t go into much detail, so if there’s stuff you can’t work out, ask either here on this forum or on Audacity’s discord channel: Audacity

I saw this before I asked this question and try it, but it went back to the beginning, then selected. I guess the better question is: how to get the cursor to go to the end of the music file, then select whatever amount of seconds that I choose, so I can then fade it out?

See the highlighted line in my previous reply.

Sorry, but the information provided didn’t help me at all. I am trying to write scripts. I looked at the script reference page, but as stated, it offered very little to help me. For example: where would I found “select “End= “?” RelativeTo +…””? Is there a book or some other references that I can look at, which would help me write code?

Please help, because as you know, macros make things much faster.

I answered your question here: Creating a Macro Script for Studio Fade Out - #2 by steve

The picture in that post demonstrates how to select the final one second of the project. The relevant command is highlighted.

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