Creating A Click Track?

Just switched to Mac from PC. On the PC version of Audacity to create a click you’d look under “Generate.” But, on the Mac version Click Track is not listed there. Can someone tell me where it is?

Does Analyze only have three things in it instead of 8?

Shucks. We had this question not too long ago. I don’t remember what the resolution was. Our listings have a light gray line and everything below the line are special. On you they’re missing.

Try Audacity > Preferences > Effects while I look.


I recently switched form PC to Mac. I have Mac OS X Lion and I downloaded the Audacity 2.1 dmg. Would like to have an easier way to access audacity, such having a shortcut icon on my desktop. Have tried dragging the audacity icon onto the desktop, but when I try to launch it from there I get a message telling me “Critical Nyquist files could not be found. Nyquist effects will not work.” Seems to work fine if I have the entire Audacity “folder” on the desktop, but would be nice if there way to just have the shortcut icon on there the way I had it on my PC. Is this possible?

I merged these two topics. The warning is the reason you do not have Generate > Click Track as per your post .

Did you extract all the files from the dmg into an “Audacity” folder in Applications? You cannot run Audacity properly from the .dmg.


There wasn’t any further input from the user in that case, so we don’t know if it was resolved or not: .