Createing powerful subliminal nyquist code

Hi the story Begin when i listened to a stronge subliminal in youtube that gave me enormus and big muscle mass and bone mass, am not sure how is that possible, like 15 kilograms of weight in one listen, so basiclly i want someone to create me a subliminal nyquist code that gonna create very very very very very very very very very powerful subliminal masseges, like it can remove 1 kilogram of weight in 5 minutes, and i will pay you as much as you want

The Audacity subliminal plugin is here … Steganography and “Silent Subliminals” | AudioNyq

Now the bad news: So-called subliminal messages do not work, even for achievable goals.
You’re only going to lose 1kg in 5min by emptying your bowels, bladder & stomach. [Don’t try this at home].

So you saved the address of the show? There are different versions of subliminal. We have code for the Lowery subcarrier method, but that’s much more for personality affirmations rather than putting on or taking off weight.


Yes i know it i don’t know let me try it

Reciting the Harry Potter spells will NOT enable you to perform feats of magic.

Copying the silent subliminal Nyquist code won’t work magic either.

What it will do is create an ultra-sonic single-sideband suppressed-carrier sound track by the Lowery method, and the ability to reverse it so you can make sure you got it right. Whether or not you put on weight or give up smoking is up to you.


Here’s a simple mono voice track (mine) in Analyze > Plot Spectrum. Note the “size” of the analysis is quite a bit higher than you would normally use for speech. You might think that would limit your presentation duration, but as I’ve posted before, subliminal doesn’t lend itself to multiple pages of affirmations. It’s “Stop Smoking,” not “Stop Smoking, Page One…”

This display is of the Lowery ultrasonic sidebands. Yes, it’s hard to see, crammed into the right like that.

I artificially magnified the display to make it clear the energy goes from 16,000Hz, the former carrier to just shy of 20,000Hz, the limit of most sound systems.


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