Create stutter effect popular in hip hop
can anyone post a tutorial on how to make the stuttering effect, like in the video @ .08 - .10 would there be a nyquist code or pluggin

It’s so buried in the musical effects, I can’t tell what it’s doing. Another example?


the sound before the manipulation can be heard at the startup on this video

Could try Audacity’'s “Repeat” function for a stutter effect.

dude, that has nothing to do with what im trying to accomplish

I can’t really tell from that recording - perhaps you can explain it in words.
It sounds like either the sound is being switched on and off rapidly (a chopper effect), or the sound has been cut into pieces with silence inserted between each piece.
Do either of those descriptions sound right?

Dude the track you linked to does not have a st-st-stutter effect. The effect has simultaneous falling and rising tones.

I’ve tried to reverse engineer the effect at starting at 0:09 on the video using David R. Sky’s (free) ring modulator plug-in for Audacity.

My (very) rough approximation is attached in a zip file.
Repeated Ring Modulator (158 KB)

i think the chopper effect may be right, but i cant tell without trying them both out. is there an easy way of producing the effects

hey thx for your input. do you have the original audio file so i can hear the before and after

I attached the audio as a wav in a zip file (see the attachment on my previous post).
Zip files are the only way to post audio on this forum without linking to an external filesharing site.
BTW my attempt is a very rough approximation.

Attached is version 1 of my “Stutter” effect.
Unzip it into your Audacity plug-ins folder and then restart Audacity. It should then be listed in the Effects menu.

I am writing a more flexible “version 2” of this effect, so any feedback on this first version is most welcome.

Steve (630 Bytes)

thx but like was there an audio file before u altered it into the one u attatched? or was the whole file jus generated from the plugin

holy shit dude tht is awesome. i think tht is exactly wut im looking for. good luck on the next version, keep up the great work

also if ud like to test out ur plugin to compare the effects, im attaching the sound heard in the video befor it was altered. i would of done this earlyer but i just found it. i think the only difference may be change in pitch or tempo, which can be done already in audacity (44.5 KB)

Entirely generated from David R. Sky’s (free) ring-modulator plugin …

Your DJ_tool sample is nearer the video sound starting at 0:08 if modulated with a triangular waveform
(see the attached zip which was done with Mr Sky‘s ring-modulator plugin).

[Still think my original attempt, although rough, is nearer sound on the video which has simultaneous rising and falling tones]. (249 KB)

yo it’s really easy, just find the part you want to stutter, use repeat, choose how many times you want the sample to repeat, on mine i chose 4, grabbed just the “d” in dj so you get a this is a dddd dj fulfill exxlusive
here is a link… i just found this out myself… hope i have helped…

anybody got radio effects… soundbites to add to my dj drops?