Create/record a sound that sounds like my own eating

I am searching for a sound that sounds like my own eating from the inside.
Maybe there is already a suitable sample on the internet, but I haven’t been able to find anything named like that.

I was also thinking about equalizing an existing sound to include more deep sounds. I am not sure if it would work.

Do you know any ways to record or produce such a sound?

I do, but I have a “studio” (very quiet third bedroom) and a sound mixer/interface, a mic stand and boom and some very good microphones.

Park the microphone just off my left cheek so I can get good quality sound without breath popping. Press Record and eat as sloppy as I can. In this case, the dreaded lip smacks and wet mouth noises are the goal, not something to be filtered out. I’m on a Mac. If you start with Windows, you’ll want to turn off Windows Voice Processing. Voice Processing is going to try and automatically filter out all your mouth noises.

If you don’t have much of that available, then you’re likely going to record the room sounds and other interference that have nothing to do with eating. Can you tell if your computer is on just by listening? Kiss of death. Traffic outside your room? I’ve been known to record at night between metrobusses.