Create process failed - Code 740

I get the following error message after installing Audacity 2.1.2 on to my Windows 7 64 bit OS. “Create process failed: Code 740 The requested operations requires elevation”

My system is a 160G HD (half full) with 4G of Ram and is running Intel E8400 3.0G processors.

Any advice on how to eliminate/bypass this error code would be greatly appreciated?

Have you tried right-click on the installer > Run as Administrator?


My run as administrator box is checked but I still get the error.

Do you mean that is right-click the Audacity installer > Properties > Compatibility tab?

Or is the issue occurring after you successfully install Audacity then try to launch the installed Audacity?

Where exactly have you installed Audacity or where are you trying to install it? A screenshot of the error message would help. Click the Windows globe and type “snip” (without quotes) then press ENTER on your keyboard to open Snipping Tool. Capture the image then attach it to your post. Please see here for how to attach files:

If it’s an issue of the installer not completing then make sure you saved the installer. Do not run the installer without saving it because some security apps do not allow installers running from temporary space. You can also download the ZIP of Audacity instead of the installer and unpack the ZIP anywhere in your own user space.