Create Harmonies for Vocals

Can someone please suggest the best Harmonizing VST Plugin for Audacity? I have tried the basic ‘Pitch Shifters’ but these do not have the flexibility of some of the others I have seen advertised as free VST Plugins. I have downloaded things like ‘Pitchproof’ but can’t get them to show and work in the ‘Add Plugins’ in effects. Although I am an OK singer / amateur songwriter I am not at all good at doing my own harmonies so I need to rely on technology. I’m not the most clued up person when it comes to computer software so any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

There are actual harmonizer plug-ins (you can Google) so you shouldn’t have to use basic pitch-shifting or manual “tricks”. But I’ve never tried one and I don’t know what works with Audacity.

I see two problems. The obvious one is the universal desire to sound like somebody else. Make me into an: announcer, woman, man, child, etc. Pitch shifting isn’t going to work because not all parts of a voice change with the performer. The software has to know its dealing with a voice, not just blindly shifting everything up or down some number of semi-tones.

But more importantly, you need to be able to tell the software what kind of harmony to produce. Third and fifth up—basic barbershop? Andrews Sisters with that weird alto in there?

Hunt and peck?

You may end up looking at the software and the software looking at you both wondering what to do.

I am not at all good at doing my own harmonies so I need to rely on technology.

You can’t hit the notes, or you don’t know what the notes are? Big difference.

Are you overdubbing, by the way? Perfect Overdubbing can go a long way to get compositions come out right—or at the very least get used to what it sounds like when you hit it. Perfect Overdubbing is when you hear a perfect theatrical mix of the backing track and your live voice while you’re performing. It almost always needs a special microphone, preamp, or interface. You can’t listen to the computer.

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