create chanting crowd from single or few voices

I’ve been tinkering around with Audacity to try to come up with a way to turn a single voice into a full crowd. For example, turn 1 voice into a crowd at a football game. Is this possible with Audacity or other programs?

I’m 110% newbie when it comes to audio editing beyond the basics but I’m eager to learn. Thanks for any help you can provide me.

Not with the standard tools, no. I’d be looking for a multiplier or keyer…maybe Vocorder.

The idea is to put pink noise in one end and control it with a human voice. If you balance that just right, it might sound like a couple of thousand people.

Have you ever simulated a crowd by whispering closely into a microphone at about the right cadence as the dialog? Muffle the consonants just right–“Four…More…Years” comes out “Aw…Maw…Yeee.”

That’s the idea, but with the software package, you don’t have to stop for breath. Also, theatrically, of course, you don’t stay on the effect long enough for anybody to get suspicious.