Create a Radio/Telephone effect in latest Audacity -- YT tut is out of date

How do I recreate this effect ‘Create a Radio/Telephone effect’ in the latest version of Audacity

I downloaded 2.5 but my ‘select curve’ in Equalization is empty.

This video uses an earlier version and version 3.3.3 is totally ALIEN in comparison. I am a total noob who just wants to create this effect.


With Graphic EQ, try pulling-down all of the sliders below 200Hz and above 4000Hz, and just experiment from there.

You might also try some distortion effects (clipping) and maybe mixing-in some hiss or hum. (You can generate hum with a 50 or 60Hz sine or square wave, or white or pink noise is hiss.)

There is a free Audacity plugin for radio/telephone effects: HelmetRadio1.5

'Analogue-Telephone' settings

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