Crazy error: "Latency Correction setting.."

Hei guys…
i have a very sorry issue. It got after i’ve changed some value in the latency and buffer, but after i’ve turned them as default values… but till that damned moment i cannot record in anyway, also if i record one track, with out any mixing.

The errore is being again then again,…that one

“Latency Correction setting has caused the recorded audio to be hidden before zero.
Audacity has brought it back to start at zero.
You may have to use the Time Shift Tool (<—& or F5) to drag the track to the right place.”

I’ve also tryied to re install the program 3 times, install again my soundcard drivers…

I’ve also tryied to drag the track, and it moves or f5… but anything…

About the dragging track i’ve moved and left 1 sec from the beggining…

Nothing to do…

I use audacity to work… :frowning:

Thanks so much in advance…

You may be slightly misinterpreting this error message.
This error is often not “caused” by the “latency correction” settings.

“Latency correction” is an automatic feature to help keep tracks synchronised when recording multiple tracks. Without latency correction, any tracks recorded after the first track will be a little bit out of time with the first track due to the time it takes fro sound to be converted to digital and written to disk. “Latency correction” compensates for this time delay by shifting the recorded track a little to the left (earlier) when the recording stops.

If recording stops (for any reason) immediately or very shortly after the recording starts, then the recorded track will be very short and may become hidden when it is shifted to the left by the Latency correction. The cause of this problem is not that latency correction has hidden the track, but that the recording stopped straight after starting.

Probably the best thing to do as a first step in correcting the problem is to reset Audacity back to its default settings. See here for instructions of how to do this:

If you are lucky, that may be all that is needed, but if the problem persists please tell us more about your system and what you are trying to do (which version of Windows, what sort of sound card, what you are trying to record, and so on - the more details the better :slight_smile: )

Hi Steve,
thanks for the prompt answer you are so efficient…!
Yes was right … the problem wasn’t in the buffer-latency set up but only something about the cursor…
Looks like a shame… i’ve been a cubase user and a silly stuff made me crazy.

Anyway it’s just study the new…
This time i’m trying to find a method of calculate the compensation.
A question: the buffer has to be the same value of the compensation?

Thanks so much!

Usually a buffer setting of 100 works well. (We’re not concerned about getting the latency really low because we are not doing anything in “real-time”. We are much more concerned about stability and getting the latency compensation accurate).

Then set up the latency compensation as described here: