Among other tasks I use Audacity to record my classes, but the program often freezes. I frequently use Chinese could that be related? I tried resetting Audacity as one post suggests but it still is a problem.

Yes it could.

Microsoft have recently had several bugs in their “IME” (Input Method). For example: Windows 10, version 21H1 | Microsoft Learn

I don’t know if this is the only problem, but it is certainly one problem that is known to cause freezing when using languages such as Japanese and Chinese.

A similar bug was reported here last week:

Since both of you are chinese-speakers, it probably is related to that. I couldn’t reproduce the freezes however on Windows 11 using the current in-development build, so it might be that it’ll fix itself in the future.

When I use Audacity and my Chinese keyboard is activated, Audacity freezes. And since a couple days Audacity will freeze immediately after I open any project.
On my old computer this did not happen though I used Chinese all the time.
My computer runs on Windows 10 Family with 64 bites
What can I do to fix this problem? Do you have any suggestions?
I really appreciate you took the time to answer me. Thank you.

Windows 10. What version of Audacity? Does this happen on new projects or only on existing projects?

I am using Audacity 3.02. The crashes happens on both old and new projects. The program just frezes. This never happend on my old computer.

Are you really using Windows XP?

Windows XP has been obsolete for years, and is not able to run current versions of Audacity.
There are some old versions of Audacity available here:
If you really are using XP, try Audacity 2.0.0

Thank you so much for responding. Sorry, you are right, I am not using XP ,but Windows 10 Famille ( the French version).
Do you think there is any way to fix the problem?

I have updated your profile.

Does the freeze happen “only” when your Chinese keyboard is activated?
Are you able to test Audacity on that computer without your Chinese keyboard?

Thank you very much for answering me.
Audacity works usually pretty well without the Chinese keyboard. The problem is I need the Chinese keyboard while I am using Audacity to take notes. Another problem is that the label-track function does not work, never.