Crash when double clicking play

Running 3.2.0 on Windows 10. Double-clicking the play button causes Audacity to freeze. It can only be force-quit. Annoyingly, this happened twice in a row before I knew what was causing the crash, and the second time I recovered the files, Audacity immediately crashed but nuked the recovery files first, so I lost everything I was working on. (Not a big deal–there was a reason I hadn’t saved yet. But annoying.) I didn’t see this issue in BugZilla or here, though I did not search hard.

Thanks for the report.

I can’t reproduce this problem, but I’m on Linux rather than Windows. I’ve not seen other reports of this issue, but 3.2.0 has only been out a few days, so it could be a new bug.

How easy is it for you to reproduce the problem?
Which Audacity version were you using before you updated?

Fixed as of 3.2.1. Thanks.

Glad that you are all sorted.

FYI. BugZilla has been replaced by the issue tracker here: