Crash report for midi import

Audacity is crashing when I try to import a midi file. In doing my part to help with open source software, I would like to attach the crash report zip file. However, I am not allowed by attach it?? Attached instead are the two allowed-format files from the identically named folder in my /tmp directory.
notes.txt (91 Bytes)
log.txt (201 Bytes)

Surely there is a more streamlined way to submit a bug report??

While the other elves are sifting through the forum presentation… Which Audacity? All three numbers please. So far, 3.3.3 and 3.4.2 are the winners in the stability race. If you’re using 3.4.0 or 3.4.1, abandon all hope.

What were you planning on doing to this Midi work once you import it?

Audacity is not a very good Midi editor, mostly because Midi isn’t sound. Midi is machine control language. The first thing Audacity has to do to your song is play it on a Midi Player and turn it into sound. Then edit the sound.

Midi is nothing like an audio file. You can play a midi piano song on three different players and get three different pianos. I’m not joshing. I used to like playing a midi song with a completely different instrument. That’s a simple instruction change in your midi editor.


Hello Koz,

I think you may misunderstand why I am here. :slight_smile:

I hit a bug. As an avid user of open source software, I feel obligated to report that bug. Here are the steps in my process. (0) Thankfully, Audacity creates a crash report file for me! I don’t have to hop onto github and create an issue where I invoke audacity from the command line and copy-paste the printed log from the terminal. That’s nice because, frankly, I don’t want to get involved in Audacity development. But… (1) Audacity doesn’t upload this crash report to a server automatically (after asking me for permission), it just dumps it in my /tmp directory. OK, I guess I’ll take the initiative an upload this file where it’s supposed to go. (2) Audacity doesn’t have an obvious website where I can go to upload this crash report (i.e., (3) Audacity’s support is only via a forum for which I have to create an account? With a real 10-character password? Sheesh, OK, I really hope this crash report is useful because now I’m jumping through hoops. (4) The support forum where I might ostensibly upload the crash report limits the kinds of files I can upload, and explicitly excludes zip files, so I cannot actually upload the crash report? I mean, how do the developers want to get this crash report?

To your questions: I am using Audacity v3.3.3 on Manjaro Linux. I just want to concatenate a handful of midi files into one longer file. Audacity happened to be the first tool that came to mind, and it crashed the instant I tried to import a midi file. No problem, I’ll look for other tools, probably command-line ones. If I can’t find something I’ll write a Perl script to concatenate these for me, there’s a CPAN module for that.

Oop. Sorry. I misinterpreted the post format.

Sometimes, someone seeking help will post with inflated importance. For example: “I’m reading Audiobooks.” usually translates to: “I just took delivery of my first microphone and I have no idea what I’m doing.”

There was a recent post from a seasoned audiobook reader who experienced difficulties in his latest performance after a software update. And that brings us to:

This isn’t the same Audacity you may have come to know and admire. Audacity was recently purchased by a large corporation and although still free at point of use, is very different. You may have noticed a Corporate Aura previously missing?

There was a serious change in the forum. I used to be able to play the old forum like a ukulele. The new one, not so much.

It’s depressing that you may know more about the corporate structure now than I do.

There is one elfin help note. This is still a forum, users helping each other, so if you do determine a useful method to do what you want, please post back.

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