Crackly Audio from Concert???

I am very new to audacity and audio editing in general, so I would appreciate any help!
I was at a concert a few weeks ago, and my friend and I were in the pit quite close to the stage when we recorded a few videos. When we listened to it afterwards, it sounds very crackly from a combination of the bass and the screaming from the crowd. So, my question is if there is any way to edit the sound file from the videos to leave out that crackle (maybe there is decent audio underneath, but not sure how that works!). Hopefully that explains the situation a little! Any help is greatly appreciated.

Audacity will open the sound from many different video types.

Open the work in Audacity and set View > Show Clipping. If the timeline lights up in a festival of red bars, or the blue waves fill the screen, that’s the end of the sound.

The digital recorder assigns numbers to all the sounds in the show. If the show gets too loud, it runs out of numbers.

Your show would normally be recorded by someone on a separate recorder with special microphones and sound processing. This might happen at a SXSW concert for example. Some cameras have switches and adjustments for super loud recordings. Consult your instructions.

But that won’t help you with this show.

Something else that’s not going to help at all. See the woman in the middle with the headphones to make sure the sound is OK during the show?

You can do that with some cameras, too.