Crackling when playing back recording

Hi there, this must be something to resolve with using noise reduction, but I’ve no idea how to adjust the parameters. I’m attaching the recording I’ve made - the crackling appears in the piano line and also some of the vocal lines. Would be grateful for any help!

sorry, it doesn’t appear to have any sound. Here’s the mp3 version

this is strange - I can’t hear the crackle on this recording, but it is definitely there when playing on windows media player!

sorry to keep replying to myself - you can hear it about the end of verse one and onwards!

I downloaded the MP3 from your second post and opened it in Audacity. There is a lot of clipping! (I have “View > Show clipping” enabled.) That can cause “crackling” when played back, depending on the player.

Fortunately, the waveform is still intact (it’s not hard clipped), so you could try using the Amplify effect to reduce the volume by a few dB.

Actually, do you happen to have the original Audacity project before the MP3 was created? That would be a better place to start from. You can either reduce the gain of each channel individually; or do a Mix and Render to New Track, apply a bit of negative gain to that new track, and then export only that track.

Hi, thanks so much for your help. I have still got the audacity unexported version. Originally I duplicated all tracks and added echo effect to them, then adjusted gain throughout. I don’t know if that’s a good way to add effects whilst keeping clarity of the original line? Do you think normalization and compression could help? I’ll try your suggestions and let you know.

The MP version as said virtually a solid RED Wall drop it by about 6DB or better still just normalize to -1.0 it is distorted at the sample level

thanks everyone. I’ve tried amplify, turning down to -5 and that helped but didn’t get rid of all the crackle. I then turned all the gain down, as I’d tried to balance the sound as there are alot of clippings - I recorded many times, and ch

ose the best recordings as my voice isn’t what it used to be (68 year old!!) - so this is a bit of a problem as some gain has to be higher than others. I then removed all the duplicated tracks with echoverb and that seems to have got rid of almost all the crackling - I can hear it a bit but nothing like before. I’d like to add effect, but maybe dfx medium room warm will work - is echoverb to much and causing additional crackle? I’ve used it before with no problem, but probably didn’t have a many clips.

Hello again. I’ve re-recorded the vocal line and done it in 1 take (apart from very end where there is 1 clip). There’s crackle recorded with the singing. Is there anyway to remove it? I’ve tried reducing gain, click removal, normalize, amplify - so frustrated. I suppose the real problem is the microphone? Thanks for your help everyone