Crackling sound on playback also high pitch sound when recording

Hello, I’m hoping somebody can help me.

I’ve been using Audacity to record for a year or so now, using Windows XP and the Audacity version I use is 2.0.6
I use a Behringer UCA222 interface with RCA cables going from the input of the interface to the output of whatever instrument I’m recording with and all worked fine.

I’ve since bought a Moukey 8 Channel Mixer and now have the RCA cable going from the input of interface to the output of the mixer but as soon as I press record there’s a high pitch sound I can hear through the speaker and when I play back the sound quality is terrible and there’s a horrible crackling sound.

I don’t know what has happened because everything seems set up right.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks

audacityteam wrote:
make sure that Enable audible input monitoring is not checked - Enable audible input monitoring will cause undesirable feedback from the computer speakers…
Tutorial - Audacity Settings for Recording - Audacity Manual

Thanks I’ll check that.

Do you have an idea as to why there is a crackling sound on playback? This didn’t happen before I used a mixer.


Standard-issue Audacity can be incompatible with multi-channel mixers,
Multi-channel Recording - Audacity Manual #
(because it does not use ASIO drivers).

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