Crack sound problem, when recording speaking

I use Audacity 2.1.1 and new microphone Audio technica At 2020 USB+. I normally record at backround noise at first, Then save that to noice removal sample.
There will NOT include any crack noise during that. Only when speaking. Like electrical spike is that.

I attached a sample and that typical crack appears at 2.2 sec And it will destroy my recordings. That crack happens ramdomly and during for example 5 minutes speaking there´s a lot of that… it is very big problem.

I have turn lights off at the room, telephone off, air conditioning is quiet, and there is no any electrical equipments at the room. Sometimes that does not happens, but usually it does.

What could be wrong ? And is there any way to remove these kind of noise ?

Windows is 7 64 bit

Best regards. Teijo

It’s really difficult to analyze a brief hit in the sound with a one second clip. We believe you that it doesn’t happen during the silent segments, so please record a normal volume 10 or 11 second voice clip and post that.



Yes. It does not include during silence recording. Only when speaking. My voice does not have that kind of spikes, and I noticed one issue, when trying to record by laptop. There is no problem.
Sometimes it happens with laptop also, but when turning off air conditioner from roof, it will record pure sound then. Here I include longer sample with the problem. There is that crack about 6, 10, 13-14, 15, and 17 sec under.
I did not add noise filter now.

I don´t accept any spikes to my recordings. It is a fail.

I have a strong feeling, that it depends from my Workstation Computer, but I don´t know.

All other issues is that I use pop up killer, I have try to it in different ways, but aways that happens with my Workstation. I even put it to battery power, but it does not help.



I heard from Microphone manufacturer that recording software latency audio to buffer time ( now 100 milliseconds and correction is -130) and sample rate ( it is now 44100 hz) might help. Unfortunately I don´t know what these settings have to be and I just used default settings.
Microphone might be broken.