Crack sound in Blue Yeti X

Well hello guys,

I am new on this forum so I hope I place this topic in the right place.

I am recording meditations with my Blue Yeti X microphone and I believe that this microphone should be good enough. Now I do have some ‘cracks’ and weird sounds while recording and I actually don’t know why. Still looking for the right preset in the G-Hub Software and ofcourse editing the audiofile could help make the sound better.

Now I do have De-Clicker which is great! Also have De-Esser which I find no difference in the audio. Now I wonder what can I do to make the most out of this audiofile: It is a snippet from a meditation I’ve recorded and I think you can already hear what I mean. It has those soft cracking sound which makes it a bit anoying.

I wonder if you have some recording tips + after editing tips for me to get the most out of the Blue Yeti X

This is the un-edited file. The raw file.

Sorry another update (last one). Trying to give you as much information as possible.

Now I’ve updated the final version of this meditation (without music):

And the final version with music:

I’ve exported the raw file (after edited) in a 192kbps file. I’ve red that Koz said it is better for audiobooks/voice etc. And I feel like he is right. The sound is slightly better. Take a look in those files above.

NOTE: All files can be downloaded by the three dots when opening the file.

After I’ve edited the voice-file (me speaking) I upload them in iMovie to make a video of it.
I still think it is not clear… there is some kind of distortion on it… A vibration or something like that… How can I remove that vibration?