Cover Art Information and Style

Good evening,
I received this email from ACX regarding a recent audiobook submission. Is this something I am supposed to change as a narrator or something the author is supposed to change?

Thanks for your help!

Audacity does not carry-over any cover-art in to an edited version, see …

You’ll need some other software (a media-player) to add cover-art to audio-files produced by Audacity.

I’m sorry, I’m super confused. This is my 3rd audiobook and nothing has come up like this before. I truly don’t understand quite what they are looking for or what I did wrong…???

Did you include the “name of the title and author(s)” in the artwork ? …

Image Content:
Must contain both the name of the title and author(s).

https ://
no title complaint.png

I’m a narrator, so I haven’t done any “artwork”. I don’t create what the image looks like for the book, I just read the narration.

Forward the ACX rejection letter to your art department : it’s a problem with cover art …