Countdown Feature

Is there some sort of countdown feature that one can use when recording multi tracks but one at a time.
Eg in a live band, the drummer will go 1, 2,3, 4 so that the other musos know when to come in.

If you record say one rhythm track, and then play it back and want to sing or play lead on top of it, it is very hard to know when to come in!

Is there a Countdown Feature in Audacity, or should there be one?

This is something that I do quite frequently.
The way that I do it is to generate a couple of bars of “Rhythm Track” (in the Generate menu), then start my recording after those couple of bars.

Once the recording (all tracks) is complete, I delete the “count in” track, and any rubbish at the start of the other tracks.

In “Edit menu > Preferences > Import/Export” there is an option to “Ignore blank space at the beginning”. I have that enabled so that the exported track starts from the start of the tracks (ignoring any empty space that may be before the start of the tracks).