Countdown Clock Somewhere In Audacity Controls

I record a weekly Podcast using Audacity and greatly appreciate such a site. About to begin my third year. When doing the initial recording I will never stop the recording. In other words it records everything. Therefore, I go back and edit out what is not needed for that particular podcast. I have a set time of approximately 28 minutes of material then in addition, add my intro and exit. Once I complete the project it is extremely clean. It’s a podcast that a person can listen to without all the breathing sounds, coughs, sneezes, sirens from law enforcement, train horns, etc. The issue is, knowing I have to clean up and delete anything that goes over the 28 minute mark this can be a tedious and time consuming task. As I work my way through the recorded material deleting things out, I never know where I am concerning the amount of time I still need to delete from anything I can see on the different bars on the Audacity page. What would be a tremendous help to individuals who are in my situation is to have a clock that shows the total amount of time that was initially recorded and then as I edit I am able to see the clock coming down toward the 28 minute mark.
What would have to be done to make this a possibility? I would greatly appreciate any input and someone coming up with the steps to allow this to happen. Thank you for offering this Forum for discussing such issues.

It may not answer all your questions, but using the selection tool and it has short cuts etc may do some of it.
Select All … would give length
Select Region… Cursor to track end
Select region … start to curser
etc etc

I appreciate your input. I do use the Select All. However, what I am asking for is a digital readout that is like the one that is at the bottom of the Audacity Page that currently reads forward in different formats, but where you can also check a box that has readouts going backwards from the total time–for lack of a better term that does a count down. Again, thank you for taking the time to share with me. Means much.

Just simple example…
Short Cut …Shift K is curser to Track End selected
Then selection Display Tool at bottom of screen… Click the selection Gear Cog and pick Length & End of Selection…This will make the small numbers show the time length of the selection and the time at the end of the track… Click the small arrows beside the numbers to change the display to hrs: mins: secs or what ever uniits you want. The Big number display will show where the start of selection (where the curser is at) when you do…Shift K.
So as you edit, add and delete, then do shift K it will display the result…??

You could create labels at, say, 1 minute intervals using “Regular Interval Labels”, then reverse the track (you will need to include a dummy audio track) so that the labels count down to zero.