Count total number of peaks in a file

Hello all,

I wasn’t sure where in the forum to ask this so if I am in the wrong place to ask this please let me know. Quite a few years ago (think Windows XP) I used a a program called “Peak Limiter” by X-ways, which is no longer available or supported.

What it would do was analyze an entire song (or wav file) and report total numbers of peaks in the whole song, as well as total numbers of peaks above certain amplitudes. You could then limit peaks and raise amplitude based on the totals. It was a great quick and dirty tool to find and tame spikes.

Can this workflow be duplicated in Audacity? I know there are limiter and compressor tools in Audacity. Is there a way to get the numerical data?
Hypothetical example would be: I have a song loaded in and the program would tell me that there are say 60k peaks (crests + troughs) total with the highes peak value at -3.0 db. Parameters could be set that tell me there are x number of peaks above -3.9db and and x number of peaks above -3.8db, x number above -3.7, etc. Say in this example the overall peak measured is again -3.0 db but only 15 total peaks out of the entire 60K exceed -5.0 db… With this data I could assume It’s pretty safe to limit to -5.0 db overall and then can amplify and fine tune from there.

Is there someting that does this kind of analysis already available? If not how to go about begging for someone to create a plugin?



No love on this one, huh? Am I asking in the wrong place or just not of interest to anybody else that uses audacity?

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