Count ins

Sorry Ive looked everywhere and I cannot see a simple guide to how to do a obe bar count in to a piece.

It’s in 6/8 and 175 bpm - Ive tried making another rhythm track so how do I get the nain track to kick in after the count in ?

Can I just insert it or do I need to make another track

Im using windows 10 and audacity 2.3.3 and Im new to this malarcky thanks to the virus isolation so apologies if its a nincompoop question

Is the main track already recorded, or do you mean that you want to start recording after the count in?
If the main track is already recorded and is in your Audacity project (presumably starting at time = 0), use the “Time Shift Tool” to drag the the main track to the right so that it starts at the correct place (See: