Couldn't Find The Project Data Folder Error

Hi! I have a project that I’ve spend weeks on and it gives me the error "Couldn’t find the project data folder: “Jack_Saves_Michael_Scene_data” and I looked up how to fix this on the forum but all of them suggested some text editor app which I cant seem to get on my pc. I am rather young and don’t know nearly anything about files. I need this project back and don’t know how to do it. Can someone help out and maybe go step by step on how to get where and what to do? I really need this back.

You are using an old version of Audacity.

For old versions (Audacity version 2.x), a project has an AUP file and a “_data” folder. The “_data” folder contains the audio, and the AUP file contains everything else. Both parts are essential, else there is no project.

Where is the file: “Jack_Saves_Michael_Scene.aup”?
Were is the folder: “Jack_Saves_Michael_Scene_data”?