Could you please add the Current selection option back to Keyboard Shortcuts?

Hi everyone,

I have a question about the new Current Selection dialog in Audacity.

Previously, I used the keyboard shortcut V to select an item and E to export the entire file. Now, everything is significantly complicated, and I can’t get by without a mouse.

For example, before: V and Enter (export only selection). Now: E, grab the mouse, click on the selection, and then Enter.

That’s not all. Previously, I was able to quickly export only a portion of the audio using V and then export the whole audio using E. Now, when I press E, only the selected portion of the file is exported because the Current Selection checkbox is checked.

It is a little bit confusing for me.

Please bring back the Current selection option to Keyboard Shortcuts.

Thank you, Petr

OK, I am missing something from you post. To which previous version of Audacity are you referring?

I just loaded 3.0.5, and neither the “E” key nor the “V” key appear as shortcuts, even in the Full shortcut set.

Hi jademan,

i’m using last version, but the “E” and “V” were my shortcuts. But today, with the version 3.4.1., i am not able to set the shortcut for current selection, because this item in keyboard shortcuts missing.

I don’t see “Current Selection” anywhere even back to 2.4.2:
To which version are you referring ?

Now I’m on 3.4.1, but I refer to 3.3.3. and down. I don’t know exactly the name in english, because I have Czech translation, but I 'll explain it. Previously, when you selected a section of audio on the timeline, you could only export that section. I had a keyboard shortcut assigned to this. In Settings, I would look maybe for something like “export selection”?

Thank you

OK, due to various issues, the Export logic was restructured. The Export Select functionality can be found under File > Export Audio > Export Range: Selected Audio.

I am not sure that all of this has worked its way into keyboard shortcuts and macro functionality yet.

Yes, that’s exactly what I was pointing out. Everything has to be set in the export dialog now, which is a regression for anyone using keyboard shortcuts or macros. The “Export Range: Selected Audio” option is gone here. I’m not home right now, so I can’t check if the export selection option has been renamed in Preferences/Keyboard.

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