Could not save project perhaps disk is full

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Saw similar issue today after installing some windows updates. Windows 7 & Audacity 2.0.3. We received the message "Could not save project. Perhaps “C:\meeting audio\folder is not writable or the disk is full.”

The disk is not full, haven’t seen this issue before with hundreds of recordings. The save option was greyed out, the save as new was available and resulted in the error message. We tried exporting & save as compressed which appeared to work, but exported 13 minutes of silence. Switched windows users (new session, same machine) to attempt to open the exported file while leaving the original “project” open in the original session. When we switched back to the original session all the audio (visible waveform) was gone, and replaced by a 13 minute flatline. Session is still open if there are any suggestions they would be welcome!!

It may not be the same issue. To avoid confusing the other topic, I started a new topic for you.

Audacity 2.0.3 is very old. Audacity versions before 2.1.2 are prone to “Cannot save project”. What you should have done, assuming you had blue waves visible, was to export as WAV as a workaround.

I suggest you install the current Audacity 2.1.2 from into the same folder as 2.0.3 so as to update your installation.

If Save Project… was greyed but Save Project As… was not greyed, then you have apparently already saved the project, and one option would be to try opening that project.

Is Save Project still greyed now, and what project is open now, the compressed one? You can use Help > Show Log… . Click Log > Save and attach the log file. Please see here for how to attach files:

Also tell us what you did with the OGG files when you were in the other user session. The OGG files might be OK, if you install for example VLC which can play OGG files.


Thanks for the reply Gale. A helpful person came along and closed Audacity, so as far as I can tell the logs are gone. We’ve declared the audio as lost, and updated to 2.1.2 per your recommendation. The .mp3 & .ogg files we exported were silent 13 minute recordings, as well as the .au files we “recovered” from the save location.