could not record line in with aux cable

My name is krushidhar. I want to record line in signal in my

laptop through audacity. i connected aux cable from my music source(as of
now casio or my phone) to my laptop which has audacity software.

For this i kept WinAspi and Microphone as input source.other input settings
are not going to work even i tried.

But quality of music after recording is pathetic. My Laptop (windows7)
has only output and mic in ports.

Aux cable which i am using has two rings.Does this make difference if i
change it to three ring??

please let me me know the proper settings to be set. I want to record songs
from a music source to my laptop through aux cable.

As I already told you on feedback@ you should buy a USB interface with a stereo line-level input, like one of these:

If CASIO is a music keyboard, also see


tried the same with stereo to usb cable …same problem…

As per my understanding from the page u shared, just as a experiment if i connect aux cable from keyboard output to laptop mic input , recording will be distorted. how to change this mic input from mono to stereo (incase if it is find that mic input is mono)…

please reply

On many computers the “mic” input only has hardware for mono. If that is the case on your computer then there is no way to make it stereo and you will need to use a different audio device (a different sound card or USB audio interface). For connecting the AUX of a keyboard, you should use an interface that has “line level” or “instrument level” inputs. “Mic level” inputs are too sensitive and will give bad sound.

thank you very much … now i understood the problem …

but please check this …

If this works i can do this changes and can connect keyboard to my laptop.

No. If your mic input is “stereo compatible” (that is, you see stereo choices in its properties in Windows Sound), then the input will realise when a stereo plug is connected and not apply unwanted amplification. But it will still be of lower quality than a proper stereo line-in.

Using “Listen to this device” does not improve the quality of a stereo compatible input, it just sends the signal to your chosen playback device. You can achieve exactly the same result (listening to the input) by choosing Transport > Software Playthrough in Audacity.

If you don’t care about the quality then you can use the input anyway if it is stereo, but you say that it’s distorting. To try to fix the distortion on a stereo compatible input, try turning the input level down in Audacity (see here, by the mic symbol):

If your input is mono mic only and thus not suitable for connection from a keyboard, “Listen to this device” will not make mono into stereo. It will just put the same distorted signal into left and right of your stereo playback device. does not help. It is also a mic input.

My first reply said to buy one of the devices such as these:

If you care about the quality of what you are recording, that is what you should do.