Could not find any audio device...

Running Audacity 2.4 on Windows 7. On start of the program I get the error message: “Could not find any audio device. You will not be able to play or record audio.” The Audio Host and Recording Device drop down menus are blank. If I go to Preferences–> Devices, all of the options there are also blank.

I have gone to the Windows Control Panel–>Sound and played around with all of the Recording and Playback settings there. My Reaktek audio drivers are up to date. I have uninstalled a recent audio/video program (HD Video Converter Factory Pro). I have re-installed Audacity 2.4.

NOTHING HAS SOLVED THE PROBLEM! I still cannot play or record audio in Audacity!

Does anyone have a clue as to why this is happening? Any advice as to how to resolve this issue is appreciated.


Check in the Privacy settings and ensure that applications can access the microphone.

Also, ensure that you are not running any other audio apps (including Skype, Zoom, etc)